Shree Tanjore Art welcomes you

Hello, I am Alka and would like to welcome you to my website - Shree Tanjore Art.

Tanjore Art is an ancient form of art whcih dates back to 1600 AD. This is what wikipedia has to say about the art. I had an instant liking to this divine art and today it is my passion in bring life to my imagination through this art form. The gallery showcases all the works i have made so far which are also available for sale, internationally.The prices are on request. If you are interested in learning the process of making this art, head over to the videos section.

My journey with the art has been going on for last 15 years, and i have held many exhibitions all over the country. Feel free to share your comments about my work, and if my work catches your imagination, or you have an idea which you would like to transform into a painting, reach out to me and i will surely like to get back in touch with you.

Have a nice stay!